Ahsan Iqbal

Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform/Member STFS Steering Committee

The slogan of “Knowledge Based Economy” has become so popular during last few decades that all walks of life have recognized Knowledge as the driver of productivity and economic growth of any society. The countries with huge natural resources have been thrown to secondary positions by ones who have invested more for capacity building of their individuals and now are equipped with modern technologies and scientific manpower.

Ministry of Science and Technology has our full support in all of its endeavors including science talent farming scheme which is a very important program for our young generation with scientific aptitude. During last few decades, the so called economic giants with huge natural resources and fossil fuels have been pushed to secondary positions by the countries which have invested in their human capital and have become drivers of world economy.

Long term sustained growth can be assured only if the money invested in Science and Technology is matched by the provision of funds for complementary educational programs directed both to the preparation of scientists and technologists and to the improvement in scientific literacy of the population as a whole. At all levels from the man-in-the-street to the most influential minister, there is a tendency to take education for granted. But unless it is supported on the necessary scale, long-term development will not be successfully achieved.

To be successful, science education has to make science relevant, practical and problem oriented and in the process produce persons who have creativity to apply acquired knowledge to new situations, the competence to get things done, the curiosity to discover and understand the world around them, and the compassion to apply what they have learnt to human needs.

Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS) is an endeavor to sow a crop of young students having aptitude towards science which will be a full lot of productive scientists after completion of their studies. It will develop critical thinking in the students instead of memorizing and rote learning. We have to realize importance of science education. Holistically, so far we have not given considerable emphasis towards Maths and Science education.

Govt of Pakistan, under the political leadership of our Prime Minister is committed to promote science and technology in the country, a large number of small and mega projects have been initiated during last 3-4 years. Science talent Farming Scheme under Vision 2025 is a relatively new program, no other major program of this sort is available at HSSC level, to support our young students.

I hope and wish great success of STFS program in the coming days and can foresee a full lot of productive scientists under Science Talent Farming Scheme.


We have fulfilled our duty and now it is yours to take action and give a developed Pakistan to our next generations!